Shotgun Tshirts

Tshirt designs

Cool Tshirt designs made by regular Americans with 401ks.

USA American flag background texture, elections, vote

Patriotic designs

GO USA!! Team America! Great USA Designs and Wicked Cool.

Christmas tree made of leaves and flowers

special occasions

Enjoy the Special Designs, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Drinking.

Shotgun Tshirts
portrait of a clown

Funny designs

Hey, We Have Some Funny designs....or do we.....

Mobile phone with a yellow shockproof case that has a cute giraffe motive on the backside.

Phone cases

Samsung Cases and iPhone Cases, we got them alll.


Protect those phones with Cool Sockets and Phone Grips.

WE sell shirts

That have words on them

Here we are, way up here in Maine. Making those tees and hiding from out of staters. Thanks for checking us out.  We moved all our products to Amazon, so feel safe about buying during this crazy Dont  touch your face season. 

Hidden in the hills of Maine next to the Penobscot rivers lays tshirt shop with the coolest designs. Enjoy the wit, humor, and solid sarcasm from minds of people that should be committed.  We’re proud Americans,  love our country,  and Hardcore member of the SFDC. 

If my wife hates...We Sell it!

We have standards and testing to determine what shirts are the best. Basically after we come come up with something we show it to our wives.  If she starts shaking her head no, then winner winner chicken dinner!

meet our artists

Just some really tough guys that have nothing to do with our website. Oh wait… They Do! Designers that Don’t Suck! Yeah!


Ok this is how it works, we get ideas, ours or yours, we just get them. We then sketch it out and set it to be ready to print. When a customer orders we tattoo it to the fabric. That’s what call it. We just print it through our print shop right here Lincoln Maine USA.


We do bulk wholesale,  hats, hoodies, tees, jackets, and mucho,mucho,more.Give us a call. Leave a message. U design it we design. We’ll keep it on file for you too. Email:

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